The Usable Packaging project, funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking as part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme, aims to significantly reduce the use of fossil-based, environmentally harmful packaging by developing a bio-alternative derived from food industry by-products and food waste. 

    Crucially, this bioplastic , at the end of its life, can be recycled and used to produce the next generation of bio-based packaging materials – creating a perfect bio-based, circular economy model for the plastics sector.

    As we reach mid-term in the three-year project launched in June 2019, the French partners presented the latest developments in a webinar in February 2021.

    Hosted by BBIA in partnership with Euramaterials, the webinar included the following series of speakers:

    • Frédéric Merle, Euramaterials – An introduction to the Usable Packaging project
    • Valérie Guillard, University of Montpellier – The scientific aspects of the projects and the alternatives to fight against plastic pollution
    • Pascal Mélois, Sphere Distribution – The need for new materials for the packaging industry
    • Stéphane Merlet, Fleury-Michon – Effects on relations with consumers

        The webinar presentations are available for download below. Please note that the presentations are in French.

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