There are four criteria required for a waste material to obtain end-of-waste status:[1]

    Furthermore, when judging end-of-waste status, the following detailed criteria are also taken into consideration to ensure a high level of protection of the environment and human health and facilitate the prudent and rational utilisation of natural resources.

    These include:

    (a) permissible waste input material for the recovery operation;

    (b) allowed treatment processes and techniques;

    (c) quality criteria for end-of-waste materials resulting from the recovery operation in line with the applicable product standards, including limit values for pollutants where necessary;

    (d) requirements for management systems to demonstrate compliance with the end-of-waste criteria, including for quality control and self-monitoring, and accreditation, where appropriate; and

    (e) a requirement for a statement of conformity.

    [1] European Commission:

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