Biowaste collections should allow the simultaneous collection of compostable packaging, but before biowaste is submitted to recovery, it needs to be recognised as a permitted waste input.

Food waste should be defined as per the Waste Framework Directive Article 3 point b.4.:

“bio-waste” means biodegradable garden and park waste, food and kitchen waste from households, offices, restaurants, wholesale, canteens, caterers and retail premises and comparable waste from food processing plants;”

Further, biowaste should include the provisions under the EU Waste Framework Directive as per Article 22 and namely that:

“Member States may allow waste with similar biodegradability and compostability properties (e.g. compostable bin caddy liners) which complies with relevant European standards or any equivalent national standards for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation, to be collected together with bio-waste.”




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